The Expressi Twist 32 is here!

This Expressi coffee stand increases the capacity over the original 24 pod style allowing the storage of 2 full boxes of pods, it also has additional storage inside the tower also.
These coffee pod holders are 3D printed in a tough durable plastic allowing features not available in traditional injection moulding processes.
Don't let the fact these are 3D printed put you off as they are production quality dare we say a work of art, making them far more special than a mass produced item. 
These pod holders are inspected to ensure a perfect finish and nothing less is expected, so any flaws are not acceptable.
- Removable top insert so you can mix and match colours.
- Large range of colours available.
- Small footprint so it wont take up your bench space.
- Long handle Teaspoon storage in the top of the holder.
- Comes in a convenient storage box so you can pack it away when not in use. 
- Holds 2 full boxes of the Expressi Aldi coffee pods.

Expressi Twist 32

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