WASP launch a new professional Kit with extruder, LDM (Liquid Deposit Modeling) Wasp Extruder for fluid-dense and ceramic materials.

-Bubble eliminating extruder, it eliminates air bubbles in the mixture
-Extrusion controlling system with retraction option
-Outward pressure multiplier until 40 bar in the screw extruder


Clay Kit 2.0

The new WASP Clay kit 2.0 includes a 3 litre tank (which can be substituted with a 5 litre one, on specific demand). The preceding needle experimental models did not allow middle size printing because of the limited amount of mixture they could contain.

The tank can be refilled or cleaned simply by opening the caps located at the extremes. Inside, there is a piston with two 4 bar gaskets which pushes the material through the teflon pipe (diameter 12mm) which supplies the extruder. The cap located on the back has a safety valve set at 8 bar.


Clay Kit 3.0 (2040,4070 & 60100)

  • Clay and fluid-dense material extruder kit 2.0. 3 L. tank, includes clay and fluid-dense materials extruder, LDM Wasp Extruder. Compressor is not included. It’s possible to connect any compressor at least 8 bar pressure value.

    Wheight: 15 kg
    Dimensions 50 x 26 x 28 cm


    Extruder with screw control:
    -A high-couple stepper engine
    -Engine cooling fan
    -Bearing seal
    -Stainless Steel Nozzle diameter 1mm
    -Support for Delta or Powerwasp (on request)

    -Aluminium tank
    -Aluminium closure lids
    -A return preventing valve
    -Nylon piston
    -A stand for the tank

    -Plexiglass supports laser cutted
    -Bar fittings
    -A pressure reducer
    -A safety valve

    -Teflon connecting tube
    -Nylon connecting tube
    -10 kg of porcelain
    -An SD card which contains the .stl file for the two models PowerWASP and DeltaWASP, assembling instructions and some videos for preparation of the mixtures.

    Pay attention: Others printer machines must be adapted to be used with our clay extruder