3D Printers



Here at RCD3D we offer the ultimate 3D printing experience providing our customers with a unique service to ensure they get the most out of their printers by making sure all printers we sell do the printing while not leaving our customers to fix and deal with the technical stuff.

With the Delta wasp and Intamsys Printers we offer the ultimate 3D printer experience by providing our "slicer" configurations that have been developed to suit the Delta wasp and Intamsys printers, this ensures our customers get the results from their Delta wasp printers and not the frustration of failed prints.

Basically we don't just sell you a printer but you become part of the family!

We also offer additional 3D Printer training for those who want to get into the finer details of 3D printing by learning different techniques to get the best results from their printers.


Exciting new range of printers from SUNLU coming soon!