High Definition Pellet Technology for Industry


WASP 4070 HDP is a large format 3D printer designed to print directly
from granules. Affordable, heavy-duty prints from plastic granules.

WASP 4070HDP is the first small-sized WASP printer, as well as one of
the very few in the world, to print directly from thermoplastic pellets.
WASP 4070HDP is manufactured in metal, with non-deformable steel
core belts, featuring a thermal and acoustic insulation. The system of
controlled active chamber temperature up to 50 °C allows an optimal
printing of standard, technical or recycled thermoplastics, while
maintaining a relatively low temperature on the mechanics.
It is provided also with new motor drivers that make the printer much
quieter and precise, combined with new, more powerful stepper
motors that give it greater solidity.

Delta Wasp 4070 HDP

SKU: W4070HPD2
  • 1. HEPA filter
    The innovative vacuum retention system VAC (Vacuum Active
    Control), allows you to replace the printing plate in a few seconds,
    ensuring the total absence of micro-moves during printing even at
    high temperatures. The VAC also allows you to use printing plates of
    different types compatible with the printing material used, ensuring
    excellent adhesion. Easy adhesion and removal of the print with
    Vacuum Active Control System and dedicated buildplates.
    2. Pneumatic continuous feeding
    3. 5L granules tank
    4. Print status indicator led bar
    5. Fast and powerful delta kinematics

    6. VAC Vacuum Active Control


    Print directly from granules
    Big prints big savings
    Recycled materials
    24/7 printing
    Easily Interchangeable printing plates
    WI-Fi Module
    The new High Definition Pellet extruder has been specifically
    developed for thermoplastic granules extrusion up to 350g/h
    Print massive parts using granules up to 10 times cheaper than
    Experiment with an incredibly wide variety of customized and
    WASP officials recycled materials.
    The WASP 4070HDP is equipped with a pneumatically loaded HDPextruder capable of extruding standard, technical and recycledthermoplastics.

    WASP HDP extruder
    A capacitive sensor placed on the extruder body detects the presence
    of material and independently requests it from the main 5-liter tank
    located on the side of the printer, interrupting the process in case the
    material runs out.
    The main tank is equipped with a pressure regulator with oil/water
    separation tank. Customer requirement for the operation of the
    pneumatic loading system is a compressor of at least 6 bar and 10L
    capacity, with 8mm outlet pipe.


  • PELLET granules are 10x cheaper than filaments and dramatically
    reduce printing time. Give plastic waste a second chance with our HDP
    ASA - UV resistant
    ABS - high mechanical resistance
    TPU - flexible material