Quality CAD Design and

3D Printing services

With the use of the latest software applications DeltaWASP 3D printers and DLP Printers, our CAD design service is able to deliver cost effective and efficient levels of precision and accuracy when it comes to prototyping/ additive manufacturing. With the use of the latest advanced materials we are able to deliver usable parts to prove your designs. These materials include ABS, Nylon, CF Nylon, PET-G, PLA+, Resin and Poly carbonate.

After really fine detail prints, we can help you here too! we have the latest DLP printing capability with the ability to print fine jewelry pieces with ease.


CAD Design Services

Here at RCD3D we offer a full in house CAD

design service where we can create professional Engineering drawings or 3D models that can be sent to the 3D printer where you can prove your designs. With advances in printing materials it is even possible to create a production part through "Additive Manufacturing".

Programs we use for 3D CAD are:

Autocad Inventor

Rhino 3D

3DS Max

We also can convert files from Solidworks & Pro Engineer if needed.


3D Printing Services

Not ready to jump into 3D Printing yourself?

RCD3D can print your designs for you.

Offering a large print format for FDM printing we can print your designs large or small.

Currently RCD3D use the DeltaWASP brand of industrial 3D printers these include 2 x 4070 deltas and 1 2040 Turbo 2 Delta.

Printer capacity is 400Ø x 700mm in height.

We also offer DLP resin Printing offering very high detail prints with layer heights of as little as 0.02mm.

We offer very competitive pricing on all our prints and all prints use the highest quality materials available. 


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