Filoalfa PLA


FiloAlfa’s PLA is an easy to print material suitable for any type of 3D printer.
Polylactic acid(PLA) is a biodegradable plastic made up of renewable natural resources and therefore respects the environment.
It has good mechanical strength and a low retraction, making it printable even without a heated bed. Its natural glossy finish makes it suitable for every application.
In addition, FiloAlfa’s PLA is completely non-toxic and odorless until high temperature.


PLA is a thermoplastic polymer that is environmentally friendly, as it is produced from corn starch and other plants and is therefore easily biodegradable.

With a predominance of almost 70% in the sale of the filament, it is suitable for the most varied uses: from prototyping to production, both for its low costs and for the ease of printing at low temperatures. FILA FILOALFA FILAMENT comes from high-quality raw material and thanks to a slightly modified formulation it is particularly fluid in printing and with an excellent finish.

Our formulation is also characterized by a low printing temperature and excellent mechanical resistance. It fits well with all major FFF / FDM printers such as 3NTR, RepRap (Mendel, Huxley, Prusa), MakerBot (Replicator, Replicator 2, Replicator 2X), Ultimaker, Sharebot, Kentstrapper, WASP, SDM3D, Araknia and many more …

No less important, its processing is completely ATOSSIC and ODORLESS up to high temperatures (230 ° C).

Filoalfa PLA

  • Nozzle temperature 170 – 210 ° C

    Filament Dia 1.75mm

    Plate temperature 0-50 ° C

    Coil diameter 200 mm

    Spool width 55 mm
    Net weight 0.700 Kg
    Gross weight 1.000 Kg
    Packaged vacuum packed and with a protective cardboard box
    Recommended printing speed 40 – 120 mm / s

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