Lili Lamps is Danish design produced in eco friendly materials near you, for the benefit both your community and environment.
W H Y - L I L I - L A M P S
+ You support businesses near you, as all is made and sourced in your area.
+ You lower emissions, as distances are kept to a minimum.
+ It lasts you several lifetimes, as all parts can be reused or repurposed.
+ It is good for your environment, as all materials are made from renewable resources and will degrade in an industrial compost.
+ You support the actual designer and manufacturer, as there is no store or stock to be paid for.
+ You own a piece of the future, as most parts are 3d printed.



Eco designer lamps that help your local businesses

Imagine a future where the brand new products you order online are just hours to arrive.
That it is your neighbor that delivers and that the profits always go to the right people.
Where transport of the product is limited and the production has a positive impact on our planet.
Well it is here, and I welcome you to be a part of it.
Lili Lamps are in fact made as close to every customer that we can. We strive to never have a product transported more than 3 hours, and if we can, we will have your neighbor make and deliver it.
All materials used are biodegradable and the hardware is standard and can be used for generations. And nothing goes to waste as every single lamp is made to order as you hit that buy button.
That way you can help out your neighbor, get a world class design and save the planet, all at the same time.
Hope you will join us in making this a standard for the future.
Best wishes,
Allan, hopeful designer of LIli Lamps 

Lili Lamps - Original Lili Shade