PrintBite+ is the only 3D Printing Surface you will ever need! Offering great value with superior performance!

PrintBite+ is a premium 3D Printing Surface that offers great value and performance, providing strong adhesion whilst printing, and releases as the bed cools down. No need for adhesion substrates such as gluestick, ABS paste/juice/slurry etc. Printing onto PrintBite+ is as easy as pressing “print”. Once your print has completed and the bed has cooled the parts will self release allowing you to remove them by simply picking them up. No more forcing parts off the buildplate or using scrapers. No risk of personal injury nor damage to even the most delicate prints.

No matter the Material! TPU, TPE, PLA, PETG, ABS, Nylon, PC, NinjaFlex, FilaFlex, PolyFlex, Woodlay, ASA, Taulman Range filaments and many others, PrintBite+ supports them.

Comes with high temperature adhesive backing. 

PrintBite+ has a thickness of 0.4mm making it suitable for use with all printers and all bed levelling sensing methods including PINDA IR Piezo Inductive.

Print Bite Plus

SKU: PB200200