The SUNLU Filament Dryer S1 is a very manageable product that can be easily used in relatively compact spaces. The entire product measures 271 mm x 100 mm x 237 mm. The weight of the dryer weights a touch under a kg at 980 grams. This makes it very manageable and compact for close quarter operations.

  • Filament Compatibility

The max coil size of the filadryer is 210 mm*85(W) mm. The filament allowable with the coil are 1.75/2.85/3.00 mm.

  • Temperature Change

You can adjust the temperature of the filament and vary it between 35C to 55C. You can set the temperature of the Dryer by using the 2-inch LCD screen. The system interface allows you to set the temperature by using the digital display.

  • Auto-Timer Function

The auto-timer function is an amazing feature of the SUNLU Filament Dryer S1. This feature allows you to set a pre-set timer and set the temperature in combination with the setting. This will allow you to run the heating function and maintain temperature for the set time. You can set the timer function of the dryer by the LCD interface.

  • Even and Fast Heating

Heating in the Dryer S1 is managed by the micro-controller. Once you set the temperature and timer of the operation, you can forget about the rest of the operation and leave it on the dryer. Even heating of the coil allows the filament to be evenly heated and does not create a difference in print quality. The evenly heated filament provides an exceptional quality of print because of the homogeneity of the filament temperature. Thus, the heat temperature controller and the timer of the dryer work in combination to provide even and balanced heating. And finally, the efficient heater of the dryer provides quick heating of the filament.


Note: this unit comes supplied with a EU plug power adapter, an AU Adapter is provided for Australian customers only.

SUNLU Fila Dryer S1