Extractable steel cartridge without teflon for ZEN Dual Extruder


  • Steel Noozle 0.4 / 0.7  / 1.2 mm.
  • ZEN Core HT, extractable cartridge without teflon to print at high temperature (suggested for ABS; PA; PC; HIPS; PA+C; ASA; PMMA and PP).


Nozzle Size
  • N.B. The cartridge is to be considered as a spare part, do not stress the extruder with continuous cartridge change.

    For extended information about the ZEN Extruder and how it works please consult the specific page here.

    The WASP double extruder, designed to meet the needs of those customers who want to print using: two different materials, to insert supports; to use two different types of materials that require different temperatures; two different nozzle diameters, or two different colors filaments.The modular architecture allows to mount a specific barrel and nozzle for what is your need.  Decide what you want to print, we give you the right extruder.